About Pink Jardin

Our Story

At Pink Jardin, we're dedicated  to sharing our love for nature, healthy foods and beautiful design by inspiring others to create a happy environment that inspires them to grow their own food while giving back to the ecosystem.


After building our home in 2019, I knew that I wanted to leave the earth better than I found it. I craved a landscape design that was beautiful, while also being able provide an abundance of healthy, sustainable food for my family.  


The Pink Jardin was created as an answer to feeding both our family and the local wildlife - creating a healthier ecosystem for all. We want to encourage others to design beautiful edible landscapes, food forests, and kitchen gardens that will inspire them to play in the dirt and grow something special.



Home Gardening

Herbs, Local Plants, Organic Fruits & Veg

Farm-To-Table Recipes

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning