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About Pink Jardin

Pink Jardin was established in 2020 as a way to document and share our challenges, failures and triumphs at sustainable gardening with our family and friends during the pandemic.


Born in  Brooklyn, New York, and having lived in numerous metropolitan cities across the country,  I always saw myself living a carefree jetsetter life-style.   I never envisioned settling down in a small rural town, and loving it.  After spending time in the military and sleeping in the woods, you either hate nature or embrace it.  I think it took living in large cities like a rotating machine on auto-pilot to appreciate the quiet, calm and simplicity of country-life.  One of the best parts of my day is driving past my neighbors' large field and saying good morning to their gorgeous horses.

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Pink Jardin

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A few months after closing on the property, COVID -19 happened.   The pandemic forced my family to slow down and reevaluate our busy lives.  My husband known as "The Guy" is also a veteran and my son, "The Boy" is on the autism spectrum with a genius mindset.    If beginning the mid-life change during  pandemic wasn't bad enough,  I was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and chronic inflammation.  The calm and isolation of country  life quickly became a blessing in disguise for us all.  Hours of research during the shutdown  resulted in the design of Pink Jardin and our journey to a simple yet rusticly elegant rural life.

Plant Shed

Pink Jardin

What you can expect at

We hope to inspire you to curate your own beautiful garden space to grow veg and herbs.

We invite you into our home where we will show you how to incorporate those wonderful vegetables and herbs into your meals.

We will take you on road trips as we ask local farmers one simple question, "Who is taking over the pitch fork after you?”